Trinket (meet me at the carnival pt 6)

Labyrinth of booths and tents and tables

Haphazard at best, colors and flags everywhere

Handwoven scarves and painted magnets

Silk-screened logos on tie-dyed shirts

Specialty soaps and hand-dipped candles

The handicapped kid makes exquisite paintings

“Cheapest rates if you switch to us”

Jewelry, knives, wooden puzzles and hats, hats, hats

“Best product out there, I’ve tried it myself”

Henna tattoos and your son as a tiger

Painted faces or palms for just a few bucks

But oh! that chair massage sure felt great!

Accepting donations at the local chapter’s table

Housewives selling poorly researched products

Modern day snake oil salesmen

tara caribou | ©️2018

23 thoughts on “Trinket (meet me at the carnival pt 6)

  1. I love fairs and fetes. They are interesting and fun, they’re novel. You never know what you’re going find, but don’t expect to find something to change your life.

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    1. Carnivals and circuses are brilliant. I am pretty much a freak although people trying to look like I am on the inside tend to not get it until they start whinging. 😂🤕

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      1. HEY! you’re a freak? I’m a freak, too! A total fucking circus freak of nature. That’s how it feels in my head anyway. And people love to fucking look at me like, and they fucking call me a ring leader. And I’m like “WTF? No..? I’m just.. I’m just standing here?” haha.
        But I’m not a circus ring leader, or whatever. I’m really just a fucking freak show, of 1. hah. And it breaks my heart a million times over. Because no one fucking gets it. I’m not just one of the attractions or curiosities. I’m the whole damn fucking thing. The entertainers, the games, the fucking caravans and tents themselves too. I’m just.. fuck,…. the material mundane bullshit. They everyone can fucking look at or touch or talk about. But no one fucking talks to me. They talk at me. Or only one part of me. And if I divert their attention away from that one thing…? ARRRGHHH KNIVES AND BLADES And throwing them at me as I spin on a fucking wheel.

        oh dear. I’m sorry. I kind of got away from myself there. I guess I’m just really worked up right now. I’m crying. I’m so stressed and rushed right now and I wanted to be productive and work on my blog in the 20 minutes I fucking had spare. and no, I need to vent and cry about all the shit instead. I’m sorry for sullying your comment feed Tara.
        Thanks for howling and allowing me to howl back, too, Coyote.

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        1. When I dropped out of school at 17 I planned to sit in my room for a year throwing a knife into the back of the door.
          I got committed under the mental health act before I really started. I relate to the Seinfeld episode where it was supposed to be the summer of George.
          I like wearing my footy jumper to spiritual cliques and showing them how they are the low brow bigots.
          Just because I am a great fighter doesn’t mean I am always violent.
          My Jewish side seems to make me like chatting as though I have been drinking on speed all night… and drop by in the morning cos I just want to talk 😂😁😂

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        2. I dropped out at 17 because of rumours and bullshit too! No knife throwing though. I have no skill at that. But I did cut my self! Heaps! So many scars all over my arms and there’s no hiding them. I can’t be fucked lol.
          I am all about sticking it to the fucking religious righteous. No matter the religion, if you’re a fuck wit (right hand left hand path whatever) I fucking snub my nose at them. I’m metaphorically violent, but I do revel in It. I love public displays of passion, but so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. About being appropriate, for the time, place and audience. You know?
          I’ve been called Jewish because I’m a tight arse with money. I think it’s funny so I go with it why not. I’m not a jew, I’m Jew-ish. Hahahaha
          People think I’m on drugs when I’m not, when I am not sober I am the boringest lamest sleepy fucker. Lol

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        3. Keep following their incompetence and they break long before us. With the shit they did to me I can never ever go back there again even if they do the same deeds all over.
          We are stronger and we will never behave as they would if they copped their own treatment.


        4. The shit who did to you and where? I’m not following if this is school or the mental health system or society. Sorry.
          And 100% agree with you on that last one. Fuck em. So I’m building my own cult and my own society and my own bullshit. Lol.

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        5. Was the start of it. Ruined my life before it began. Some people can never admit when they are wrong. A lot of change occurring now.


        6. Hah. Yeah. It fucking hilarious how perfect it is. I fucking said I was going to reveal my face and name today. I said it ages ago actually. For reasons. Lol
          I’m my own face of my own fucking bullshit. And I’m happy to share that. Fuck the world. Own your shit

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        7. Thanks Tata! Oooomg hahaha. I meant Tara. Typos are fun and funny. I don’t like to correct them unless i think I really have to.


  2. This was quite biting you know. Despite keeping up with the merry, colorful carnival, but this is through the eyes of someone more cynical than the average carnival goer; someone less mesmerized by the garish colors and the blaring music; someone who looks at the veneer and the polish and the glitter and sees the decay, sees the cut corners, the rusted hinges, sees beyond the veil of shiny things and to the dark things beneath.

    A wonderful twist in one of my favourite series! 🙂

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