Change of Seasons

My heart is filled with autumn
Breezes teasing my hair loose
From beneath my wool hat
A river dried up left a winding trail
For which my feet to travel
Crisp air invading my lungs
Honking vees moving overhead
Crunchy leaves beneath my boots
Aging flora whispers of the nights to come

And I’m transported far from here
Remembering when he held me close
The fire crackling nearby
In his eyes were a different kind of flame
Holding my face, foreheads touching
“You’re all the best parts of me”
In the end, he was only summer
Burning hot and full of life
Until he spent more time looking
Out across the hills and valleys
And frost settled on his heart

Now I wrap winter about my shoulders
Like a shawl of cold and silence
Fingers clutching, pulling it tighter
Soft flakes whispering across my skin
Mute stillness as I settle on the porch
Crystalline puffs of breath
I can’t remember the last time I spoke
Sighs and groanings are my words
I’ll let nature speak, she never lied

tara caribou | ©️2018

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