you’re who I think about
night after night and day by day

I have visions of you
here in my bed
of your hands spread across me
your lips dancing on mine
our bodies moving together
or my arm spanning your chest
and my cheek upon your shoulder

I can hear your intoxicating laughter
in my ear and I know
I would listen to you laugh
every day of my life
and still it would never be enough

I can see the sneaking glances
and I wonder what it is that you think
when you look at me
would I make your eyes light up?

would I make you hungry for more?
would I challenge and complete you?
would I invade your thoughts
like you easily take over mine?

I have visions with you in them
just me and you alone
and I wonder just sometimes
if you see them too

tara caribou | ©️2018

14 Comments on “Visions

  1. Is it me or is the number of sweet poems going up?

    Because this was sweet (I just wrote “sleep” for some reason.) Very sweet. Heartwarming, snuggly, sweet, a bit hurt perhaps but wonderfully vulnerable and so, so, sososososSOOOOOOO beautiful. Soft-spoken. Lovely. I feel like I’m gonna be listing synonyms if this goes on for any longer.

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  2. I have a compelling urge to answer the questions the personality in the poem poses to themselves. And answer the final two lines with an emphatic, ‘yes, I do!’
    You execute engagement with the reader extremely well, Tara Caribou. When reading your work I sometimes have to remind myself that I am reader rather than interlocutor. That I am witnessing the work, not participant in it.

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    • Inspiration comes from multiple sources my dear Whippoorwills. But as I’ve mentioned before, I have in fact written with you alone in my mind. Hopefully that doesn’t sound creepy. But knowing you as I do, I am able to do that with you. Not with just anyone, I guess is what I’m saying.

      That said. It thrills me to know that as you read, you are swept away by the words. That there is an emotional connection. A bond is formed. I think we both share that bond, of sorts.

      I must say, I am quite…. interested that you connected (or anyone for that matter) with this particular piece as I was, myself, feeling quite disconnected and I was struggling and in the end I gave up and posted it unhappy with where I left it. I have half a mind to delete it. I refuse to re-read it because it makes me sick to think I actually posted it. But then, if someone as beautiful as you can see something deeper there, well, maybe that’s okay too.


      • No. That doesn’t sound creepy. Given the level of gratification I have experienced while immersed in your poetry, not creepy in the least.
        And I’m sure I’ve been quite blatant when I written with you solely in mind too. So if either of us are being creepy, then surely we are creeps of a feather. Ooh….creeps of a feather…kinda like that.
        But, I understand the urge to delete all too well. If I didn’t have an oath to adhere to and a quest of reunification to fulfill, I’d tear down half of what I’ve posted.
        And thank you. You are beautiful too.

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        • What’s funny, I suppose, is that I only recall one time where you wrote about me (I think) because you mentioned a caribou. Although there have been other times where I sighed in wistfulness that such words could be written for someone like me (or me specifically). Yes. We are creeps of a feather. I love that. You make me want to be a better person.

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