All My Senses Are Filled

I’m consistently constantly swept away

in feeling
your body crawling, moving across mine
lying on my back, arms above my head
your hand running up my soft skin
all the way up up up
lacing your fingers in mine

in seeing
your dark and shining eyes
reflecting the light of a flickering candle
hunger and love
the slightest lift at the corner of your lips
a flash of teeth

in listening
Stateless murmuring sexy lyrics
about how I’m in your Bloodstream
while you whisper all those filthy things
my breath in pants and whimpers
begging and urging, fuck me just right

in tasting
my own essence on your lips
mixed with yours on my tongue
lavender and frankincense
the rawness of us

in smelling
the combination of me and you
and everything we become together
vanilla candlelight
fresh rain on the open windowsill

in feeling
you pulsing between my thighs
your thundering heartbeats
your wicked tongue
you filling my heart to overflowing

yes I’m continually swept away
in the rushing torrent of your love

tara caribou | ©️2018

28 thoughts on “All My Senses Are Filled

        1. Carlos Castaneda wrote a bit about plant allies in shamanism and sorcery. Lavender is definitely a herb I get on well with. The lavender in the French countryside is incredible

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  1. I probably shouldn’t have read this at work. Well it’s Friday over here and we have a happy hour, nobody will know why I have a big smile across my face. Amazing piece of writing. xxoo

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