When We Talk

When we talk
my thighs quiver
my breath hitches
my lids flutter

Behind them I can see us
moving together
my hands become your hands
your fingers trace my shape
from my earlobe down my throat
over my shoulder
circling my breast and then my nipple
flick, pinch
down my ribs, the swell of my hip
around one side of my ass
dipping just a little between
down the back of my thigh

reversing direction
your fingers leave a burning trail
circle my knee and move up
I can barely stand it
this slow methodical torture
finally your hand stops
right there, at my edge
I push myself forward so that
you’ll brush my lips
I’m not disappointed as you stroke
questing fingers along my slit
I’m wet, ready, ripe

When we talk
my hands caress
my hips move
my lips part

I want you to devour me

tara caribou | ©️2018

9 thoughts on “When We Talk

      1. And here was me goin’ down that golden oldie road and gouging away with the Pixies. Let’s try a different tune….
        Aww yeah….that’s sounding right…..

        Liked by 1 person

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