Lines of Love – Erotica

He wrote love upon her skin
Using ropes and teeth and hands

First he turned her over
On her stomach as she lay
Fully naked and exposed
He lifted her ass and spanked her
Again and again and again

She cried out in pain
She cried out in pleasure

Next he took her arms
And bound them tightly
The ropes crossed over her pale skin
Biting in, bruising, marking

He sat her up on her knees
Arranging her body for his own pleasure
Her ass spread like her legs
Her arms bound fast behind her
Her tits on full display and
Slightly pushed out due to her posture
Her nipples stood at attention

Then he stood behind her
Fingers lightly dancing over her skin
Caresses turned to scratches
As his nails dug in

She shivered and moaned

He pushed her hair aside
Exposing her neck and shoulder
He kissed the ink there
Before sinking in his teeth
Over and again he bit her silky skin

She moaned and cried out

With his hand on her shoulder
He pushed her down
Face in the sheets
Lifting her hips, he slapped her ass
Harder this time
His hand left a bright red mark
This fueled him on for more
He alternated sides
Her skin burned and stung
Then he spanked her glistening pussy

She cried out and begged

It was without warning that he took her
His hard and ready cock
Dripping with precum in anticipation
The instant he slid inside

Her begging turned to expletives

And fuck her he did
Taking what he wanted
What she wanted

It was together that they found release
In growls and screams
Like feral, wild animals

It was much later when one could see
The love written on her skin
With bruises and bite marks and
Scratches and crisscrossed purple lines

They were better than any collar
They marked her as owned and cared for
They were poetry
They were beautiful
They were lines of love

tara caribou | ©️2017

9 thoughts on “Lines of Love – Erotica

  1. Well, this was certainly a lot more direct and forceful than I thought it would be at first. That might have been the point, but the amount of strength poured into it – you can feel it in your bones. Slow motion is what it is. Happens in slow motion.

    Liked by 1 person

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