Already F#ck€d

Fuck me darling
Lay me right over
Bind me any way you want
Cover my eyes in silk
Suck my soul out
And fuck me
Break me into tiny pieces
Grind me beneath your heel
Don’t waver in your realness
Just fuck me
Bruise me and stripe me
Flip me over and mar my flesh
Cast out all my demons
Inhabit me yourself
I’m yours so fuck me
Come morning
I don’t want to remember
Who I was or what I am
Just use my body
And fuck me
Just fuck me
Fuck me
Because in reality
I’m already fucked

tara caribou | ©️2018

Dark places stir up dark words…

19 thoughts on “Already F#ck€d

  1. I would love to accommodate you, however, I am not into hurting. I prefer to dive you crazy with feeling that which has not been previously experienced. Nice way to put your desires.
    Loved it.


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