Peeled Layers

there are layers to my heart and how easily you peeled them all away though I’d spent years perfecting my deflection

I wrapped my arms around myself but your hands gently took my wrists as our eyes collided with sparks and swirling flames

when your finger touched my lip it was my tongue that stretched and tasted and when you pushed a second finger past my teeth my lids fluttered closed deep sigh escaping

memories of all my past lovers flew through my mind and fell like teardrops how many mistakes I’ve made! so wrong so wrong!

you pulled that layer away with your teeth

misconceptions and misperceptions and messy hair and cloudy mirrors lay raw in my palms

you pulled that layer away with your sharp intellect

hidden hopes and wishful thinking how I want to be so much more than I am! this may not be mama’s dream for me just my own heart’s silent dream

you pulled that layer away with your quick wit

deep dark secrets and fears, demons whose claws remain embedded, closed doors, nightmarish photographs laying in a locked box, stay quiet little girl

you pulled that layer away with your generous kindness

I am stripped bare my skin pink and raw and sensitive standing naked before you shivering slightly gooseflesh and whimpers

you covered me with tender kisses and a gentle heart and slowly we swayed to the rhythm of our heartbeats the music of the stars

peel me darling and rest your tongue upon my soft petals for there are no more layers between us it’s just me and you and these bare bones aching for redemption

tara caribou | ©️2018

36 thoughts on “Peeled Layers

  1. Although I am not generally given to dramatic gestures or flamboyant physical expressions. I believe what I just did after reading this gorgeous poem, is commonly referred to as a swoon.
    You share much of yourself in this poem, Tara Caribou. If indeed the speaker in this work is you. There is a boldness in this exposure of self which I appreciates.
    Although I also note, despite that the speaker in the poem has exposed themselves heart and soul, there remains a tremendous intricacy and complexity beneath those peeled layers. A delicious and beguiling mystery to those soft petals.
    But such is the way of truly beautiful souls and their truly beautiful words.

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        1. Thanks! I am sort of excited about this one. Put everything else on hold because I am actually “feeling” this one. I am sorry to hear you were sick, though! I hope you can post something or two or three before you travel though. Been a while!

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  2. The idea of being stripped down to your bare bones is one I also used from here to there, but I don’t think I’ve ever quite achieved the depth that this has. Layer by layer it’s all peeled away, each one leaving you more and more naked… starting with the physical, or seeming to, but it’s actually a much deeper, much more profound (one might say ethereal) stripping. Love it love it LOVE IT.

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    1. Thanks Spiral. I was thinking about the same thing, physical but… not actually physical. Layer upon layer. Initially I was going for more like seven layers but I felt I could accomplish the thought with just a few (generalized) instead. Honestly, I’d like to delve more into this idea. But I’m not sure what I’d do with it. I’d love to read some layer songs by you.

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        1. Yes. Certainly we have so many more layers, but for the sake of the poetry I was originally thinking seven layers (or layers within layers) damn…. now I’m second-guessing my conclusions to this poem…. 🤔


    1. Thanks Wayne! What an incredibly nice comment, my friend! This one is actually from my book that I’m working on. I doubt my ‘talent’ will take me anywhere but yet I just keep writing, you know? I’m just glad to make an impact, to spark thought or conversation.

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  3. Another excellent body/thought manifestation piece. You do that so well and it’s written as an extension of self not another person…always manages to take me away with the words. Thank you for sharing.

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