Collision of Souls

you and I
created a whole new universe

your mouth
fit perfectly over mine and
starlight was not able to escape

our tongues
curled and slid along one another
while planets and asteroids formed

wrapping your hand
around my wrists
caused the tectonic shift of continents

dipping just there
within my swollen cavern
everything stilled
became quiet
a deep inhale
your eyes went wide

and then
the fire of need burst forth
and mountains were conceived
and valleys composed
and I’m not sure
where my thighs became your hips
and the heat was electric
and each rhythmic beat
spun off a new rocky sphere or
gaseous giant or
shiny-tailed comet

until I felt
I could no longer contain
the love for you
which resided there within my soul

and your name
was wrenched out
from between my star-encrusted lips
we could not discern
your voice from mine

the power of galaxies
spinning off
faster and swifter and
bigger than before

until finally
we shattered back into the stardust
from whence we came

tara caribou | ©️2018

Mike Ennenbach gave me the last two lines… errr… he wrote them in a comment and basically I asked if I could try to use it in a poem and he graciously allowed me to. So, if you like that, go check out his gorgeous poetry.

29 thoughts on “Collision of Souls

  1. Oh it is you, and oh my, it is I. And our dance, like our hands, left goosebumps and tremors that rippled inwards and out.
    Our collision consumed me and blew me away. I scattered and shattered but left you my name. You don’t remember my name? I wrote it for you in the sky with my life. Trace the stars and you will see. It is still I, still me, and I owe you the galaxy.


  2. See I would never think to put that to the end because it would make for such a good, if slightly in-medias-res opener.

    I loved the vibe of this. The vibrant colors of stars being born, an act of total, all-encompassing creation confined to the passion of literal star-crossed entities, pillars of creation exploding into a million galaxies… cosmic doesn’t begin to cover it. LOVE IT!

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  3. Tara. Happy to put a very big….smile in and on your face. See it as My gratitude for your rush of feelings, my rush of blood. Your words and wants bathing in my warm essence, filling and pooling in my heart. Flowing to engorge both of My heads, high up north and down below in the humid south. Our thoughts building pressure within Our core for the inevitable and explosive release of all that’s pent up inside us which is sublime, primordial and irrationally yet irresistibly carnal.

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    1. Yes! Now that is a perfect addition… errr addendum? to my poetry. I love it. It pleases me immensely when something from my heart makes it’s way into the blood of another. This is why I share my work. For responses, to touch lives. Thank you for this gift, your comments. Truly.

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      1. I favor connection. Crossing the blood/brain barrier into the body, bound to merge with the soul of another is no easy feat in an era of fleeting connections. Thank you for your muse. I write daily for a living but this is the most fun I’ve had with words in a long time. ::graceful bow::

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        1. Well, if you ever want to collaborate, that’s something I am always up for! Always a good stretching experience, for me anyway. But I am so pleased that you are able to walk away with a good feeling. Thanks, Randy. I am humbled.

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  4. I’d love to visit with and collaborate with you. I am intensely interested in how the art creation process either blooms and spreads open wide like a hothouse flower, or stays clamped shut like a sad rose. Can you help teach me? Suggest the forum and platform and time of your choice, I will be there and we *will* connect! xo

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    1. Generally, I start the collaboration process via email. As everyone seems to feel safe by that. Feel free to shoot me an email through my contact page (or give me your email and then I will delete it off the comment afterwards).

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  5. Perfect. Good morning, night or good wherever you are now hon. It is 3 AM here and time for delicious sleep. I will be reachjng out soon, Tara. Should have taken you private for all this, but very happy you’ve chosen to engage with me.

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