Slipping Away

I can feel it
slipping away
right out of my grasp
the tighter I try to hold on
the further you go
what is this chasm
that separates us
is it self-made
or meant to be
aren’t all that I thought
and hoped
I want more
than you are able to give
still I cling
to the hope
that someday
will be enough
for you

tara caribou | ©️2018

18 thoughts on “Slipping Away

    1. There is no greater pleasure, as a writer, to hear that something I’ve written has created an emotional response within another soul. Thank you for your note. I am, however, truly sorry that this is your current reality. Keep your chin up! You are worth it.

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  1. As difficult as it is to lose someone out of the blue, it is far more difficult to watch it happening and to feel helpless in the process. Achingly familiar and well written!

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  2. Two young birds,
    Sat in opposite trees,
    They chirped,
    They cheeped,
    Each calling the other over,
    But the gap was far,
    The thought of flight,
    Scary to them both,
    Their thoughts were consumed,
    With the fear of falling,
    Both blind to the possibilities,
    Of what may happen,
    Should they both begin to fly.

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  3. I am not slipping away from you. Please understand. I am slipping but it’s my skin that is shedding. I am taking new form as I need to be someone else now. I am a snake, and I have to slither away and torment the new righteous until they realise who is truly the master here.


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