Coming Home

his lips have found a home
there beneath my breast
I’m shivering
my hands wrapped behind his neck
as he tastes me there
looking up at me
his shining eyes meeting my blues
he slides in deep between my thighs
he says ‘I have found my rest in you’
the tears that spring to my eyes
are born of love and not of sadness
well perhaps some sadness
perhaps there are still
traces of wistfulness
for in the back of my mind
I am remembering all the lost years
I promise myself
I will make up for it now
I will pour
every ounce of built up longing
into loving him in this moment
my fingertips press into his hips
pulling him in closer
further within my warm folds
he may have found his rest in me
but for now I will show him
unrestrained rhythm and movement
for now the seal on my lips is broken
and he will hear
all the desire I have ever felt for him
burst forth from between them
for now his love
will find new life within my own

tara caribou | ©️2018

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