First and Last

my best days begin and end with you

when you’re the first thing I see upon waking and the last word upon my lips as I pass into sleep

you make me just as high as you ground me

I rest in your shadow yet I tingle when you pass near

the thought of you sends shivers across my skin right down into my bones

I am at peace but I am full of wicked energy

I am willingly shackled to your heart yet I’ve gained wings coated in your scent

I am overcome
with the essence that is you
you run over my heart
soaking me
you fill in
all the missing parts
and the cracks and crevices and runnels
reaching up
wrapping my hand around my heart
it feels warm and smooth and whole
and it’s all because of you

©️tara caribou – 2018

23 thoughts on “First and Last

  1. This was beautiful! I especially liked the idea of having the option to go, the option to fly away but then choosing to stay, and the most beautiful part of that being that the option is available now, you have a choice now. And not only love and affection but gratitude felt to the one who made it possible comes through in a much more profound way than just “I digs ya, ya knowww.” Lovely!

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