your eyes shine like
the moon and the stars
as I’m pushed against the wall
and your fingers are
burying deep inside and
gasping cries
are licked off my lips

when you pull back to look at me
my hand
snakes behind your neck and
I pull you in again

my tongue along your teeth
you grinding on my hip
my leg wrapped around you
spread open
for our delicious pleasure

pulling your tongue into my mouth
but when you lower yourself
licking my throat along the way
my hands go to your hair and

you’re making your way
until I feel
your soft tongue
right there
drawing me between your pink lips

it’s more than I can hold in
my head thrown back
mewling to the heavens
your name bursting forth

and it’s like
I’ve created new life
galaxies spinning out

your lips
your tongue
your fingers
your essence are
all earth magic

and words are power
your name is a creation word

now allow me to see
if mine is too

©️tara caribou – 2018

16 thoughts on “Felicity

  1. Oh that glorious finisher. “your name is a creation word” is a line I wish I had thought of first. Whoah.

    Now the mood in this is actually more relaxed than the urgency that the poem suggests. There are lots of black clothes involved, but the lights are on, the wall is soft and the exploration, while it has a force behind it, is more deliberate and so deliberately slower. But the blinding passion of it, the blurred vision pleasure, comes through loud (heh) and clear. I especially liked, however, the quid pro quo at the very end, and that it ends on a question: a little insecurity, perhaps, a doubt that maybe you won’t be able to repay this in kind. That little hesitant shyness makes this one all the more wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Spiral! I think you’ve … nailed… this one quite aptly. (lol) But seriously. Sometimes I look back and go, ummm… WHO wrote this? This poem is actually in my book. And I love where my inspiration came from on this one, so I appreciate that too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Six hours, Tara. It’s been six hours since I read this the first time. And I’m only now calm enough to talk without gushing like a ninny in love.
    Actually….no. No I can’t. I tried, but this piece is just too damn discombobulating.
    I just can’t help but be there, put myself in it.
    I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the erotic power of it.
    Like that hand is snaking around my neck, pulling me in. Like it’s me making my way down.
    But more than that….much more than that.
    The overwhelming romance.
    I can’t help but read it and feel like I’m in love.
    This piece has just owned me outright. And there’s not a damned thing I can do about it but surrender.
    I surrender.

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    1. Awwww that is one of the best compliments I think I’ve gotten. That my words could touch you so… well that makes my heart happy. I do believe you do well by imagining yourself there. That was how I saw it. I myself was quite affected as the words spilled from my heart.

      I must say though, I wish you wouldn’t look at being in love as the foolishness of a ninny. Love is a remarkable, beautiful, unique thing. Each and every love has its own fingerprints. Some that leave bruises along your collarbone and some which leave echoes across your thighs and some which pluck your lip and touch your tongue. I say… embrace each and every love for that which it is. Perhaps it IS foolishness but it’s still a work of art and should be admired and enjoyed. 💕

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