I never think of you

I never dream of you
at night

I never yearn for you
in bed beside me

I never envision you
walking in the snow

I never hunger for you
to tear off all my clothes

I never picture you
gazing deep into my soul

I never desire
your hands upon my body

I never long
to catch your scent

I never want
your lips upon my skin

I never hope
to hear your voice

I never crave
your arms around me

I never visualize you
fucking me roughly

I never cry
knowing how far apart we are

I never compose
messages that I delete before I send

I never stare into the night sky
wondering what you’re doing

And I never, never write poems
about you

18 thoughts on “Never

  1. A classic in the making. I can see this as a song. Acoustic gutiars and atmospherics. The way it proceeds, the thick layer of “no, I am DEFINITELY not thinking about…” is brilliant, and the finisher is like a bomb going off. So good.


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