Hey. How about if just for today I am just me? How about I lay down the shield of pretenses and hold my chest wide open? There? See right there? It’s honesty which lies there within my breast. How about if I answer you with truth upon my tongue rather than deceit? How about you do the same? Okay. So, I want to be more than I am. But. I can’t see my way through the darkness. You ignited the best parts of me. Yet still. Here I am. Alone. Quietly alone. In the dark. Wishing I was more.

~tara caribou

18 thoughts on “Pretenses

  1. What a coincidence. I want to be more too. More than I am, certainly more than I was. Better. Less flawed. It never goes away, this want. Better too, because once you start saying that this is good, you’re good, then you start to run in place and while you may be running in the dark right now, you are doing that thing you need to do: keep moving. This is a tunnel. I don’t know if there’s light at the end of it, but I know that there is less dark.

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