Our Song

you are the soundtrack to my heart
music threading through the air
my fingers in your beard
yours playing at my throat
notes rising and echoing
my legs wrapped around you
your hand deftly strumming my soft cords
sighing as you slide inside me
our bodies moving together
weeping with emotion as
we play one another
composing the most beautiful song
a duet of you and me

©️tara caribou – 2018

15 thoughts on “Our Song

  1. I love it when two people playing one another that way are compared to music or a musical instrument. It makes me long to do just that, play her like an instrument until she gently weeps. Beautiful imagery, my dear.

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  2. This is far more romantic, far more sensual and far deeper emotionally than it first meets the eye. I love that, I love that it makes you do a double-take, catch the more intimate sides, but then blossom from that, emerge, almost as if bursting from a cocoon. So if it’s sex, it’s there. If it’s love, it’s there. Intimacy, connection, small details, devils in those, YES I LOVED IT TO BITS, ALRIGHT? I’LL MARRY IT IF I WANT TO!

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    1. I now pronounce you Spiral and Song. May you live your days together in happiness. 💕
      Haha! I’m so glad you like this. I was very particular on the wording and I did in fact weave magic into it while I crafted it. You’re welcome.


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