She is completely found in that moment as her flesh is being ripped apart. When the maggots have chewed their way in deep, the rotten bits easily consumed and made into a wretched writhing mess. Holding her hands out and above, she closes her eyes and opens her throat, gurgling laughter spilling forth. It’s a rancid scent the flies can’t ignore and within moments she’s wrapped in a cocoon of cacophonous wingbeats. And like tears, the worms drop from her eyes. It will only be a matter of time before she is consumed, the last echoing notes of music fading in the empty chamber, a bow, and her dance finally over.

©️tara caribou – 2018

This I wrote in response to the Spiral Artist’s poem by the same name. I hope he doesn’t mind….

16 thoughts on “Flypaper

  1. First read through left me feeling comfort, familiarity and warmth, which prompted me to wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. So I read through again bearing in mind what the piece is about. But still my feelings didn’t align correctly with the morbidity, so I read through again. And then again. And then I figured out that I didn’t have to feel appropriate feelings. So I tried reading it again just letting myself enjoy it as much as I wanted, without worrying about my f’d up psychology. That did the trick.
    And I suspect Spiral Artist won’t mind, one little bit.

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    1. You know what… this poem gave me much comfort and peacefulness as well. So I’m glad that it brought you similar feelings. The imagery as I read his poem, along with what compelled me to write, while some may think of as dark, I saw a beauty in it. I feel the Feminine rising within and it’s strong and powerful and sexy and …. dark and dirty. I appreciate that and I embrace it.

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  2. Mind? Why would I mind, in the slightest, other than being extremely flattered and blushing like mad at this (just like the first time you showed it to me)? It’s beautifully written, visual and sensational – the scene unfolds before my eyes and I see the culmination of it all: the final step in admitting the truth.

    It is marvelous. Simply marvelous.

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