Watch Me – Erotica

Take yourself in hand
Let me watch you
While you watch me
Parting my thighs
Stretching wide open
My fingers tracing down
With one hand
Pinching my swollen clit
The other stroking my lips
Exposing my glossy petals
Dipping in
Sweet nectar flowing
Pushing in deep
Stroking in and out
My breath in hitches and sighs
Don’t stop
I want to watch you
My back arching off the bed
Head thrown back
My heady fragrance all around us
Moving faster, harder
Moaning out your name
I can’t look away
Your hooded eyes watching
My hands assault my pussy
Your hard cock covered in precum
Beating out a rhythm
In time with mine and
Because I know you love it
My fingers leave my clit
As I keep fingering myself
And I pinch my hard nipple
Squeezing, twisting, pulling
Moaning out louder
I watch you lick your lips
It’s too much
Which one of us will give in first?
It’s always me
Suddenly climbing to my knees
I prowl closer
Lifting your hand away
Drawing your cock into my mouth
I want to taste you
I need to
You taste so fucking good
Sucking hard
Pulling you to the back of my throat
In and out
Letting my tongue caress and fondle
Cum for me
I can feel myself dripping
Down my legs
I love the way you taste
When you push your hips up
When you grab my hair
Guiding my pace
I swallow
That’s all you need
That pressure and suction
Our eyes locked on one another
Your body stills
Whispering my name
Almost as a prayer
And you pour out your essence
More, give me more
I drink you down
Begging for more
Licking you totally clean
Damn it
I just can’t seem to control myself
When in comes to you
Craving the aroma that is you
There on my tongue
I know how this will end
Next time I ask you to watch me

tara caribou | ©️2018

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