Can you help me fly away
Leave behind all my pasts
My sins and my transgressions
Start over from this point on
Not looking back
Please don’t ask any questions
Just hold me
Cover me with your wings
Possess me
Devour me
Engulf me
Absorb me
That you and I would intermingle
Becoming one
My curves healing your hurts
Your hands dissolving my scars
My mouth swallowing your aches
Your lips covering over my faults
Our bodies sharing the pain
Spreading it so thin until it disappears
Carry me with your strong wings
Fly far, fly fast
Together we will eclipse our pasts
And fly always into the morning sun

©️tara caribou – 2017

22 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. It’s all we really need to move forward – someone to be there as we leave the rest behind. There are some gorgeous lines here to describe how another can help us wipe away all the yesterdays. Beautiful writing!

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  2. Wonderful imagery. Your words are powerful and invoke strong emotions within the reader.

    I was going to reference a caribou with wings like the legendary pegasus, or perhaps more seasonally flying with magic like Rudolph, but that may only make you titter loudly.

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  3. I truly enjoyed every bit of this one. I agree with another of your commenters, you hit it on the head…what we need to leave it all behind is someone that will join us, and even more, accept us for who we are.

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      1. Sun is eclipsed by the moon… what an end to their most mature album. It was in the charts for 10 years. We will never see it again. Totally eclipsed some of the fake climaxes going around now.
        Tabula rasa is coming. Carabou not so different from the buffalo you know 😊

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  4. The implication being that if you fly too close to the sun your wings will melt and you will fall; or you’ll burn… but either way, you go together. This was very… clear, I should say. Crystal-like in its texture.

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