On Dry Land

lie beside me for
you hold my head above the water
I was drowning
slipping under
the boulder of past failings and betrayal
tied to my ankles
weighed me down
then you came
dove beneath the waves
though I’d given up hope
you cut the ropes that bound me
raised me up again
my first gasping breath was yours
filling my lungs with you
sparkles leapt from your eyes
as you held my face
treading water
leaning in you kissed me deeply
your tongue is life
I am brought back to a world of living
and as we lay here sheets tangled
‘round our cooling bodies
my ear to your breast
I can hear your heart quietly thrum
your fingers stroking my arm
mine along your navel
you’ve pulled me from the waves
set my feet on your dry land
and I’ve never felt more at home

©️tara caribou – 2018

24 thoughts on “On Dry Land

  1. Being rescued from the darkness and embraced by a loving soul. Your initially dark poem becomes a cascade of powerful light all of a sudden, where love and lust melt. Love is such hope in life. You could not have expressed it better, Tara.

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