Bookworm – Erotica

finding it hard to concentrate on reading this novel, since across the room, I looked up to see you watching me, instantly a blush raises to my cheeks, you’re gorgeous and you are actually noticing me

twirling my hair between my fingers, looking deep into your delicious eyes, I’m lost, and falling deeper and deeper within those liquid pools, you are exactly the man I’ve been waiting for all my life, my body responds immediately, intensely

with a quick glance to your sexy lips and back up to your eyes again, instantly all I can think of is what you taste like, what I wouldn’t give to feel our tongues sliding together, all teeth and sucking and whimpers and purrs

heat rushes to my cheeks as swiftly as it pools between my thighs, I know I want you, my eyes dart from yours to those soft lips to your throat and back up again, you caught me looking

sharp intake of breath as I imagine you kissing inside my wrist, my lids flutter and a sigh escapes unbidden, picturing your tongue grazing up my arm, suckling at my throat, I’m throbbing, needy

without a second thought, my finger traces my lip, pulling the way I want your teeth to, trailing down my neck, down my shirt, fiddling with a button or two before continuing down, down, down, until I reach the top of my skirt

beneath the table, no one can see anything but, eyes locked, you know, and that urges me on, my fingers glide easily inside and my body shudders, I’m slick and hot and I wish it was you in me

all I can see in my mind is me sitting on your lap as you lift me and lower me, grinding perfectly, my fingers in your beard, then wrapped behind your head, my own thrown back, the smell of us all around

I can imagine your voice in my ear telling me how much you love this, that you read me, that I’m the one for you, that this feels so good, so right, deep inside me, instructing me just what you need, just what you want

oh shit, I’m right there, right on the edge, people all around, I know my face is flushed and I can barely contain my moans, looking into your eyes, what’s this? as you carefully close your book and start walking toward me

tara caribou | ©️2018

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