resting my tongue
along the cords of your throat
I can taste your heartbeats
they are intoxicating
and whisper with tears
listening with my lips

peering into your heart
my ears can easily see
those sighs and groanings
words better left between your teeth
I’ll devour them anyway
nipping and sucking them out
one by one
potent and powerful

I’m ravenous
for your every comma and space
every verb and conjunction
every poem and story
every horror and romance and history
you’ve got locked away within your breast

I was dry, desiccated, a desert
until I stumbled upon the oasis of you
drinking you down
will I ever get my fill
you are life to my barren soul

let me kiss you again

©️tara caribou – 2018

This is the response I had immediately upon reading Mark Ryan‘s poem by the same name. I directly stole from him the line that sparked the initial burst of images in my mind.

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