Science of Love

When first I met you, a rush of excitement poured through my body.

When you got out of your car and stood before me, I wrapped my arms around you.

When I breathed you in, you smelled amazing, it felt so right being in your embrace.

When we sat together and began to talk, I kept imagining kissing you, holding your hand, being yours.

When you spoke, when you laughed, I knew I wanted to hear that sound for the rest of my life.

When we ate together, my meal tasted better than any other because somehow your presence made my senses come alive.

When we hugged goodbye, it was so hard to let you go, I held on and on and oh how I wanted you to kiss me and tell me you loved me and never let me go.

When I climbed back into my truck, you stood there, still talking to me, hesitating to let me leave, neither of us wanting to part ways, it seemed.

When you texted me fifteen minutes later, my heart jumped and I wondered what this was.

When you texted me first thing in the morning, I wondered if you knew I’d been thinking about you all night long, or that my eyes lit up and I smiled so big.

When next we spent a day together running shitty errands, and we stopped at that scenic look-out and I just had to be in your arms again and you held me and we stared into each other’s eyes, I’d never been happier or sadder than in that moment. A moment which lasted for eternity as stars died and galaxies spun even as it lasted but the blink of my eye.

You were a balm upon my soul. A lost piece to my heart. I weighed out your love in milliliters and grains. Placed in a graduated flask and lit a blue flame beneath it. Rubber gloves and safety glasses did nothing to prepare me for the reaction you created within my body.

Sparks and flame shot out, burning holes into my preconceived ideas. The cloying scent rising in my nostrils. Reds and greens, purples and yellows all brighter, deeper than I’d noticed before. And what remained at the bottom, when the burner was removed? It was a puzzle piece, unsurprisingly shaped just like you.

©️tara caribou – 2018

12 thoughts on “Science of Love

  1. What you describe is something I think very few people actually experience. We imagine it is, but it’s not real. But when it is real, it’s a pretty amazing thing. The problem is, maybe it was only meant to last a moment but we are always left wondering if it could have been more. I’m often guilty of focusing on the what if and not the what was.

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