he swept me along in his waves
tossed, rolled over, pulled under
bobbing up again
I lost track of who he was, who I had been
and so carried away became I
that when he beached me upon his shore
I was no longer anything but a salty shell
crusted with barnacles and seaweed
a desiccated husk,
preserved only due to his acrid brine
everything I’d been before, gone
I lay there, alone
realizing all I was with him
everything I wasn’t without him
how he covered over me, every part of me
I longed to feel his smooth soothing touch
instead now, just foam around my ankles
looking out across the sand
I see him receding further and further
ebbing away from where I lay
I’m so dry without him
the sun shrivels my rotting flesh
I’ve lost my voice
my still, staring eyes
hoping for one final glimpse
as a solitary tear makes its own journey
back to its salty home

©️tara caribou – 2018

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