Fade to Grey

Haunted by memories she just couldn’t shake

Night by night she lay alone beneath those sheets

The same ones that once held him beside her

Remembrances of him, tracing wet trails down her cheeks

Stretching her hand to the nightstand, she lifts a glass to her lips

Then swallowing a handful of sleep in powder form

They float silently in a sea of cheap whiskey before melting and sinking

Her stomach lurches but she swallows again

Turning her face away, her eyes drift and settle on his picture

She has it memorized and yet still she stares

His face blurs and sharpens with each blink

A wail rises in her ear and she’s detached, not recognizing her own voice

Lifting her numb hand, she violently crashes his image into the wall

Falling back heavily, her lids flutter and her breathing becomes rapid

And world around her begins to fade away

Just fades away into grey

©️tara caribou – 2018

12 thoughts on “Fade to Grey

  1. Lonely and full of that distinctive, razor-thin pain, the kind you only feel when you are about to fall asleep, in that eye-blink distance between that feeling of your soul being pulled out of your body and all going black. I know the feeling, myself.

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