Come Dance with Me

I always love when
he shares his music with me
songs that sum up his day
songs that remind him of me
songs that touch his soul

as I listen it’s almost as if
he’s here with me
I’m the harmony
to his melody
my hips swaying
arms floating in the air
feet reveling
face lifted
twirling, spinning, twisting

allowing his music to sink deep inside
invading my mind
drawing me closer to his
gasping for breath

I can almost feel him
as he steals up behind me
his breath on my neck
his hands on my hips
pulling my body to his
I lift my hands over my head
lean back into him and
together we let the music move us

my body tingles with want
my eyes drift closed
my lips part
my insides clench
and the song ends and
I remember I’m
dancing alone

©️tara caribou – 2017

33 thoughts on “Come Dance with Me

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a great deal more positive, more full of hope than anything else I’ve read by you. Despite the ending, the mood that carries to this is one of joy, jubilation, fun. I can almost hear you laughing as you dance barefoot in the middle of your living room. In the end of it, you’re alone, but not as lonely as you once thought and it ends with a smile, not a frown. Loved it!

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