Eyes wide
Peer deep within
Hands on the red rims
Reach forward
All in head-first
Dive into those blue pools
Crystal clear

She’s laid out before you

Spread out

Reach out and caress her heart
It’s there for you
Beating out a rhythm of longing
And desire

Press your fingers in
Spread her wide open
Push yourself deeper
Until you’re fully inside of her

Slip into her heart

Stroke her innermost parts
Feel her walls
Tight and firm
Write your name there
As she cries out your name

Wrap yourself further
Don’t pull away
Rest in her
As she cradles you
There within her pulsating warmth

©️tara caribou – 2018

18 thoughts on “Diver

  1. This is what I’m talking about: a perfectly meshed hybrid between eroticism and emotion. It’s far from just erotic or just emotional – it’s that sweet spot that melds the two. The back-and-forth switching between these two centers. the push-pull creates a wonderful, scent-rich (if that makes sense) read.

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