Tied down
Listening in
Hear that?
It’s me
The inner most parts
Heart tones
Seeking out notes
Back-filling and tempo
Static and background noise

Pushing out from beneath my skin
My temples
Lungs and heart
Whish-Whoosh, Whish-Whoosh
Listen long enough
You’ll hear tears welling
Spilling, sliding
Heart melting, cooling
Hard obsidian
Fingers tightening
Gripping sterile sheets

Electrical impulses
Kzzap-zapping along lines
What happens if we…..?
Lids flutter
Soundless scream
Back arches off the bed
Listen in
Try again

©️tara caribou – 2018

..at least that’s how *I* remember it….

13 thoughts on “Wired

  1. Now if that wasn’t cyberpunk, I don’t know what is. The melding of machine and flesh; hardware to impulses, perfectly interlaced. The setting and the sensation, fluttering in and out, in and out, flickering – perfect. There’s movement here, synapses firing as everything merges and rushes through available conduits, moving fast towards a crescendo and a climax.

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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