Layers of Dust

There’s a thick layer of dust upon my aching heart, which continually cries out for a tender touch

It’s been so long since someone has lifted it from my breast and washed it off, held it close and cared deeply

Periodically I attempt to wipe away the cobwebs, clean it for possible future use

Blowing out sudden puffs of breath between my pursed lips, I try, perhaps feebly, without a lot of real hope

And unsurprisingly the cloying layer of dirt remains

I poke and prod, turning it over slowly within my palms, inspecting it carefully

Previously owned, damaged goods for sale, half price today only

Gently replacing it back into its grimy cavity, I notice it fits but still doesn’t seem right

That’s because I know, deep inside, that it belongs with him, not me

If only, if only he could truly see me, desired my heart, needed my love, believed that I could be his One

Give his love the chance to cleanse this filthy heart, place it there beneath the safety of his ribs, a place of peace and rest

If only

If only

©️tara caribou – 2018

….or maybe I’m thinking about this wrong. maybe it needs to be clean first, before he’d want it??

22 thoughts on “Layers of Dust

  1. I’m conflicted over this. On the one hand, I see the cleanliness: the heart, the hands that cradle it, the hands that it begs to be delivered to. On the other, I see the rot: the decay, the rusted metal of the box in which the heart is kept (all browns and yellows on top of that gun metal blue), the cobwebs that surround it, the thick coating of dust, the grime that built up over the years. The contrast of what is supposedly a “dirty body” holding a “clean heart” is incredible, and “rotting inside” certainly is very evocative.

    I think the “Previously owned, damaged goods for sale, half price today only” and the line immediately following it got to me. Ow.

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  2. I love this. It’s like you are saying it for me but I couldn’t say it better. I don’t think men ever understood women.
    Tara, your heart is in the right place. If what you write is true then , whoever that is , is damn unlucky.

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    1. Oh yassy! Thank you my friend! I long for the day when someone recognizes my worth more than I do. I’m quite frankly doubtful but I DO long for that day. I’m my own worst enemy in this. A saboteur. But I’m trying to change.

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      1. You don’t have to change. You are fine and perfect the way you are. Don’t think about changing. You are you. So someone will like you for who you are and that will be real.
        Don’t ever think about changing. You are happy with the way you are because that is you. Silly

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