Floating upon the waves
Tossed and rising, falling
Rolling and surging
I cry out for help
Opening my mouth though
I’m filled with salty brine
Sputtering, the inky surface covers me
There’s peace here beneath the swells
Above, as I fought it
Air versus water
Struggling and kicking
Panic flooding in
Whimpers rippling out
Yet here in your tender embrace
I am filled with calm serenity
How did I not see this before
I’m drowning in you
My lungs collapsing
My eyes staring
And I’ve never felt more alive

©️tara caribou – 2018

37 Comments on “Drowning

  1. That was heavy. Like a sledgehammer to the chest. At first I thought this was, like your other poems, more on several sides of the same situation: you’re drowning, but it’s peaceful. You’ll die, but your pain will stop. That dilemma, but then the line “Yet here in your tender embrace” comes and not only does the entire situation gain another angle (now the “drowning” can be peaceful and exciting, breathtaking, if you will) but there exists the possibility that yes, the moment before you completely settle into Death’s embrace, you are wont to feel at peace. So then it’s more of a transformation, from the drowning you to the drowned you but at the same time, the saved you, you at peace.

    Marvelous, as always – I love the way it doesn’t lose its original meaning but just adds more layers to it.

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  2. Another one that I can relate to as I did drown once, this describes it quite well. I disagree with your comment on your about page that you are nothing special to look at. You look amazing to me.

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      • Yes you may ask but I’m not sure you will like the answer… when you drown you go through several stages, first you are calm and think that you will surface soon, then you try to reach the surface, then you panic. Once I had finished panicing I was absolutely at peace and waited to wake up in heaven. The outcome of that and as a result of my horrid life is that I don’t fear death anymore. I have come close to dying 6 other times and would welcome it but the Lord won’t let me go yet??

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        • Thank you for sharing that with me. I am honored at your openness and willingness to share. If you ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to email me or send me more stories. I’m a firm believer in sharing the load of grief and sadness with others.


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