He Makes Me Beautiful

When he lays me back
Strips all my clothes away
Stares with desire
I feel beautiful

When his lips and teeth
Devour all my dips and curves
Peaks and valleys
I feel beautiful

When his fingertips
Trace my lines
My scars, my stories
I feel beautiful

When he tenderly
Brushes my hair aside
Exposing my neck
I feel beautiful

When I glance over at him
Catch him staring
Deep in my eyes
I feel beautiful

When he steals up behind
Wraps his arms about me
Pulls me closer, inhales
I feel beautiful

When he’s buried deep inside me
Moving, guiding, stroking
Fucking, praising, moaning
I feel beautiful

When he’s here beside me
We’re panting and sweating
Softly caressing
I feel beautiful

©️tara caribou – 2017

23 thoughts on “He Makes Me Beautiful

    1. Most of my poetry is not real life for me. I have an incredible imagination and I put myself into a situation in my mind and I live in that moment for a bit and I write about it. That said, no, I do not feel beautiful, as beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. But there are small moments where I see a reflection in the eyes of someone else that makes me appear, for a moment beautiful. That was what I was trying to speak to. Seeing the glimmer, the spark of beauty reflected in the eyes of one’s lover. Thanks for reading and the nice comment, too. 😊

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  1. There’s something to be said about seeing and feeling that need, that desire, is always better than hearing about it, mostly because when you see it, you will have caught something that bubbled to the surface before being contextualized or forced into words. ’cause those are involuntary: even in as simple an action as taking your clothes off, you can sense the drive behind.

    And yes, in reverse order would also be very good.

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