My skin shivers
Anticipating memories
To feel you
Your velvety lips
Tracing my spine
Your fingertips
Dancing along my soft edges
Dipping in

Hills and valleys
Cresting waves
The swell of my hips
The curve of my ass
The flowing line of my thighs
The rounded caress of my breasts
The sweep of my throat

Curling and lifting
Sweeping and swirling
So soft and pale
Moonlight reflecting

Begging for your lips
Your teeth
Your tongue
Crying out for your nails
Your hands
Your eyes

Dip your fingers in
Taste my smooth abundance
Giving and taking
Rushing forth

My breath shudders
Anticipation, participation
Oh! To feel you
All my delicious

©️tara caribou – 2018

9 thoughts on “Curves

  1. “My skin shivers – anticipating memories” now THAT is the perfect opener. The anticipation of memories: new ones to be made and the delight of old ones fresh, adding to the excitement. Niiiice.

    I also loved the ebb and flow of this, the “pulse” if you will: the push-pull, the rhythm here builds on an intoxicating aura. There is movement in the words, an exploration of not just the curves themselves but all the ways in which they are connected – so it’s not so much an exploration of the shape itself, but the ‘formation’ of it. So it’s not so much the curves are there, outside as well as in, but they are being created in the moment.

    And… “smooth abundance” is also very… let’s say, striking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Yes! You got it perfectly! I felt the rhythm as I explored the topic and wrote it. Like undulating fields of wheat or the rolling ocean’s waves. And of course a woman’s body writhing across the sheets. I’m so pleased you liked this.


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