My heart’s desire is for you
To hold you there deep within
My soul
Collapsing around yours
Bursting forth
A supernova
Love blooming space dust
Colors all around
Stars cast far and wide
Spinning eddies of light and love
Twisting rings
Pinpricks of light
A molten rock circles
Water collects in pools
Two motes of love twirl
Life birthed
Pulls itself from a warm bath
Lifts and climbs to the sand
Stretches and pants
Touches noses with another
Hearts as one
Seeds spring forth
The land becomes green
New life
Rebuilt from old

Looking into your eyes
I see my past, jaded
My futures, bright
I see my now, balancing precariously
You hold my heart
Though you don’t realize it
Ask me and I won’t lie
My heart’s desire is for you
The old becoming new
Fresh life from the dredges of despair
May your spirit cradle mine
Together, as one
May life spring forth once more

tara caribou | ©️2018

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