Lament of the Betrayer

pain deep within
all I lost
memories rain down
I’m drowning
give me just one more chance
let me tell you again
I’m sorry
I’m so fucking sorry
everything I said
everything I didn’t
this love is deep
there was this place you slept
in my heart
and now you’re gone
and it’s my fault
and I miss you
I take the blame
you deserve so much better
and yet
still I want you
I’m so sorry
these tears they still flow for
you walked away
not a glance back
good riddance, I’m sure
but damn I miss you
I miss your love
I was so stupid
thinking I had it all figured out
and one mistake led to another
building a wall that shouldn’t have been
god I’m so sorry
oh, that I could have another glance
you looking at me
from the corner of your eye
I miss you
and I’m trying to keep going
trying to put a good face on
trying, god I’m trying
there’s that place though
empty and cold
now a place of pain instead of pleasure
memories of we
that place where you would lie each night
and I stretch out my hand
but you’re not there
you never will be again
and I’m sorry
and I miss you
and I love you
and this is all completely my fault

©️tara caribou – 2018

It’s always a little surprising to me where music can take us… I wish I was a songwriter. To be able to touch hearts and influence lives like that. *sigh*

12 thoughts on “Lament of the Betrayer

  1. you are a song writer, it’s just the instrument is your heart. and no more wondrous instrument exists.

    also half asleep me read the title as lament of the beaver. i’m illiterate. At the end i thought, that poor beaver is deep. how do i delete this part?

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      1. Thanks Mark! I listened to a song a friend wrote and sent me last night and I was just crying it was so heartrending and this was my response to his song. So then that got me thinking, music takes us places unlike anything else. How we can be so affected and changed by a simple (or not so simple) song. I wish I could do that.


        1. I see, it shone through 🙂 Music can be quite powerful. I find poetry to music (the two interchangeable) gives it another layer sometimes. But yes, music can be very emotional..especially if unprepared for some songs. I like how music can place you in times in your life too. Poetry can be less contemporary and less fixed i find. I like the story now behind the piece, thank you.

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