All I Really Wanted

All I really wanted was love
Love my way
I didn’t want to be
The last thing on his mind
Or second-best
But instead the only one he wanted
In spite of my highs and lows

What I really wanted was a natural love
To be seen for who I am
And that being okay with him
He who could overlook
The shit, the ridiculousness
The shortcomings
The bad sense of humor
And the odd habit
Someone who didn’t try
To make me “better”
But who somehow always did anyway
Without trying
Just him being him
While I was just being me

All I really wanted was a healing love
To cover all the pasts and hurts
The stupid fucked up things
Even unto saving me from myself
A love to bind us together
Through thick and thin
Against all odds
Regardless of everything
That had gone on before

All I really wanted was a lasting love
To have him listen to what I was saying
Or not saying
To have been really heard
To have been truly seen
Someone who let me love him back
As hard and as passionate as I did
Someone who wouldn’t be overwhelmed
Who craved me like I craved him

All I really wanted was love
To overcome

©️tara caribou – 2018

20 thoughts on “All I Really Wanted

      1. I’d argue this point with you until the Caribou come home, but I’ve got to leave for work now and sell quality toilet seats to that element of the Danish Population, that doesn’t want those things anyway. If I can convince them that they need to use a lot of money on something that occupies an important part of their lives, then I should be able to convince you of the same thing. Not that you need a Danish Toilet Seat, but if we extrapolate towards, Oh Shoot! I’ve lost my way in this reply. I’ll try again later, ok?

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I really do! It made me so emotional. I’ve already shared it with my husband. And we do deserve this love. This acceptance which goes beyond anything. The love that is the ultimate solace. 😊

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  1. I think we all are in need of love to overcome “us”. To be accepted, loved for who we truly are and able to do the same in return.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John. It’s not with ease. I must say my drive for perfection coupled with feelings of immense inadequacy result in pages of unpublished pieces. But thank you for the compliment. I’m so pleased you liked it.


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