I keep thinking maybe
the higher I get
the harder it will be to remember
to remember his voice
to remember his words
to remember his hands
I mean, I can barely feel my legs, my face
so then eventually
it’s got to be that
I won’t feel my heart either
that’s the theory anyway
so pass me the pipe
I’ll do this all night until
I’m soft and numb
and I don’t remember feel anymore

tara caribou | ©2020

17 thoughts on “Higher

      1. Well, if you saw me living the high life in San Francisco in 1976, then I wouldn’t be too sure about the remembering part…..It should be enough that I remember being there, or somewhere close to there in 1976…but only if I remember correctly….which I don’t!

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        1. Yeah… my mind only has one functioning (albeit somewhat creaky) hamster wheel. And the rodent currently powering things is looking a little worse for wear. He complains constantly about his arthritis and likes to reminisce about when things were ‘better’ … it makes other coherent thoughts… eh… challenging at the best of times.

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  1. pain is a very important part of life – something to lean in to, not to run from – something to laugh at, not to cry about, though sometimes we do both, seemingly incongruently at the same time … is that insanity, or when we really ‘get it’ …

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