He Never

When he kissed me
It was with the passion of a man starving
So hungry he devoured me whole

Sucking on my tongue
Biting my lip
Panting and growls rolling out
One hand gripping my hair
There at my neck
The other squeezing my arm
Then my breast
Then my stomach
Then my thigh

As our tongues slid along one another
And our teeth nipped
And our lips became so soft, so hard
I found myself thinking about him

The one who consumes my thoughts
Day in and day out
Upon waking, upon lying down
Nights of dreams

The one for whom my hands
Are a poor substitute
The one who, by whispering his name
In those moments of solitary rapture,
I am immediately given over
To a frenzy of ecstasy

How his hands play
Across my supple pale flesh
First rough and needy
Becoming gentle yet firm

Enticing me nearer, drawn in
I’m virtually powerless before him,
Pulled closer and closer still
Until my legs
Are wrapped around his waist
And my throat is exposed
As my back arches off the bed

Whimpers and cries
Moans and begging outbursts
Please let me, please, please
My fingernails digging in

I grow taut and still
As immense release lifts me up
And a burst of song
Pours from my lips that
Might be mistaken
For vicious barking with the
oh-gods and fucks and ah-ah-oohhs

I’m flying high
Then I’m slowly drifting down
And my panting becomes quieter and
I begin to notice my surroundings

Damp sheets and damp thighs
Blankets crumpled beside me
My skin bears a sheen of sweat
My breathing slows
My body relaxes
My knees drop
My fingers lift to my parted lips

I’m alone

Always alone
A chill and a shiver, reality, this

He never fucked me
He never called out my name
He never bit my thighs
He never held me close
He never kissed my lips
He never said he loved me
He never thought about me
He never will

tara caribou | ©️2018

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