Erotic Spoken Word – Pulverize

pull up my skirt
push me over the bed
face down I’m whimpering
spank me babe harder and harder
massage and pause
give me more
open palm
spread my thighs
I’m soaked, dripping, drenched
my arousal pervades senses
smell, sight, touch
ohhh I’m moaning
finger sliding along my silky lips
slap me there, once, twice
I’m arching my back
come on baby
fuck me
I want to feel you
pulverize me
take me
make me yours
spreading my ass
I’m glistening, shimmering, shivering
slide your hand up my back
wrap your fingers in my hair
yank back my head
spank me again
expose my throat
kiss me
deeply, intensely, wantonly
I’m begging
please, I want you
bite my shoulder
don’t ask if I’m ready
grab me and push your hard cock deep
fuck me oh god fuck me
pound me
bruise me
pulverize what’s yours
give me your cum
I want it all
every last drop you have
and when you’ve finished
I’ll turn around
drop to my knees
and I’ll worship your cock
licking and sucking
humming, tasting both of us
you’re fucking sexy
your head thrown back
hands on my head
I love watching you
ecstasy etched across your face
I’m sucking and pulling
squeezing your sac
my tongue swirling and dancing
greedy, hungry, ravenous
cum for me babe
one more time please
I want to drink in your essence
god you’re hot
we fit together perfect
the best kind of match
so lay with me, hold me, kiss me
now sleep

©️tara caribou – 2018

30 thoughts on “Erotic Spoken Word – Pulverize

  1. Wow, so beautifully written and truly erotic. Your reading of the poem is perfect. I only hope the spanking is not too hard, otherwise it would be mistreatment if not consented. I wonder why people watch so much porn. They should listen and read your beautiful poems.

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  2. You know, I am not moved so much by the poem itself (although the unrestrained expression is certainly striking to say the least) as I am amazed at the forcefulness of it. Not the scene itself, but more the commanding tone, the unmistakably dominant attitude holding the reins (so to speak.) The final like, “now sleep.” Like a slap in the face.

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    1. Wow. Such an interesting perspective. I…. never ever viewed it as such. Being submissive, this notion goes against my sensibilities. As I read and write it, I view myself as fully submitting but also full of intense passion and desire. Thank you for your response. This has given me much to think about.

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        1. Oh! Yes! Okay, yeah, I can see that in my mind, yes. hhhmmm. I’ll have to give it some thought, for sure. Although to be honest, I don’t think most of my stuff is good enough for such traffic. But I’ll definitely think about this some more.

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        2. Are you familiar with ASMR? There’s a certain segment of people who like to hear women speaking softly and turning pages and folding towels, doing stuff like that, it elicits some kind of euphoric response in them, like a relaxing tingle. I’ve watched some of them and they’re a bit creepy because they’re specially made for that purpose, but your audio tracks here are “incidentally” asmr. They just happen to elicit that response without intending to. So you have this erotic narrative which acts on multiple levels in different people. You have good voice for that kind of thing.

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        3. Who knows? It’s true in either case. Have you considered reading any of your non-erotic stuff aloud? I’ve thought about doing something like that with mine at times, putting some kind of ambient music in the background. At one point o was playing with the idea of composing music for ebooks but I couldn’t figure it out. 😅 Nowadays I don’t have the equipment for/desire to do that anymore but I have considered doing some audio only vids of me reading short stories and posting them. Add sound effects and whatnot. Lotta work though and I’d rather just write. 😃

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