Lonely Shift

Not long ago, something shifted within me. The desire to write continually floods my soul, my fingers tingle with need. But…. the words I want to say, they seem to fall on deaf ears. Everything I write is shit. I start, stop, start again. Papers crumpled on the floor. It’s not for lack of trying. The words I want to say, they remain elusive. I desperately attempt to convey my thoughts, my heart, casting about for some sort of connection. Or reason. Or validation. Do I, then, I have to wonder, write for myself or for my readers? Perhaps, sometimes, it’s just for A reader. That special someone. Who may or may not read what I have to say. Probably won’t. Why would he? He knows all that’s in my heart already anyway and the poetry that flows from me is pure, worthless shit. It’s lonely being a writer. But also… it’s a self-imposed loneliness so I really have no room to talk, do I?

tara caribou | ©2018

18 thoughts on “Lonely Shift

  1. i struggle with the write for others or myself part. i gave up and just write the words i hear. if it connects great, if no one cares, fine. in an age of instant gratification i think the greats would have suffered a breakdown and quit. they would stop being themselves and chase trends and likes and follows. it isn’t worth it, especially with your talent. be you and that’s more than this world deserves

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  2. I went 5 months without writing one song. I was close to selling off my recording studio. But last month chords and lyrics came to me. And whatever you write is what you write. I enjoy reading your words, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

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  3. As one who is mathematically driven to write for the numbers…and also one who illogically writes for an intended audience of one…I can honestly say that the rarest occurrence in WP are instances where I write for myself…but I’m okay with that… 🙃

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