May Sleep Come

I know you can’t sleep my Lover
So let me care for you, body and soul

May sleep possess your tired thoughts
As my lips trail down your throat
May rest overtake you
While my hands move down your chest

May sleep claim your mind
As my thighs straddle yours
May rest seek you out
While my fingers grip your shoulders

May sleep overcome your thinking
As my voice lifts in burning rapture
May rest come your way
While our bodies are entwined

I know you can’t sleep my Lover
So let me guide you down, down, down
‘Til your breath comes in pants and sighs
And your body relaxes
And your heart feels whole

May sleep come and carry you away
As I lay and watch over your soul

©️tara caribou – 2018

9 thoughts on “May Sleep Come

  1. Great piece and this perfectly encapsulates your style to me. It’s loving, erotic, sensual and caring. It’s like a warm hug of your writing. I love the flow and the well-trimmed nature of the structure, no word or line is superfluous.
    Thank you for sharing this, nice work as always =)

    Liked by 1 person

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