Time Travels

Let’s move back in time a bit
Back to when you and I
Me and you
We were one
A whole not apart
Our hearts woven together
Thoughts as one
Differences insignificant
Our bodies crashing
Our hands interlaced
Souls spun and braided

Let’s move to our impotent now
A space created
Distance moving in
Vague answers
I look away
Over my shoulder
Your phone sits in your lap
The screen lights up
I stand and walk away
Promises broken
Dreams unraveling
Lies found out

Let’s move to our future imperfect
I remember you
Our eyes met
Across a crowded room
My heart fumbles
You look down and away
I turn and a single tear
Traces unstopped
How did we get here
We were young
Full of hope
Hollow steps
Empty hearts
Broken home

©️tara caribou – 2018

9 thoughts on “Time Travels

  1. It’s ok to wallow. There is beauty in the pain. Reality though. To be happy requires you looking and focusing on the silver lining. It requires expectations and working towards joy. I enjoy your readings. I can relate to them all because I have been there but I hope for your own peace of mind that outside of your writing you can find happiness within yourself. It is an ongoing journey to be fulfilled with what you have, with who you are. And it’s a much better place to start any relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate your discussions. In the case of this one, it’s not based in my reality. Perhaps a few lines were the case quite some time ago, but this one taken as a whole is just me being a writer. I so appreciate you reading and commenting. You always have these nuggets of wisdom that I like to chew on afterwards, so thank you for that.


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