Dreams Eternal

Dreams only dreams
Carry me away
Become my realities
If I sleep and you don’t
Or you sleep while I wake
Is one better than the other?

I dream vivid dreams
Waking dreams
Dreams eternal

I dream for both of us
Living dreams
Dreams for sharing

I dream of you and me
Lovely dreams
Dreams of passion

I live there
Within my dreams
Longing, hopeful, eyes shining
Want me to share one?
Just one with you?

In my dream, I see us
Hands bound with a strip of white
My left to your right
As we face one another
Standing on the beach
Wind whipping my hair about
Eyes only for you, for me
I’ve never felt more complete
Your heart is nearly bursting
And as we speak our hearts
I know this is only the beginning
Our beginning
Our dream come true

Can you see it?
Listen closely
Can you hear our words?

Take these dreams
Tear open your breast
Push them deep inside
Sew your flesh back up

Now my dreams become our dreams
While I sleep
And you lie awake
(Or is it me who’s eyes are open?)

Tell me
Would like me to dream more
Dreams only dreams
For us to see together?

©️tara caribou – 2018

26 thoughts on “Dreams Eternal

        1. it’s been so long since i slept deep enough but i used to have that. you wake up, but did you? is this still the dream or am i living it. there is no separation.

          i think my lack of true sleep lately is why i crap out so many poems. everything seems worth writing about. there is this undercurrent in the air where everything moves slowly and i feel drawn in.

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        2. You think that because you don’t see all the notes I’m currently looking at from last night alone, utter and complete shit all of it. But thanks for the compliment. You’re nice.


        3. i’m most certainly not nice. you take notes? that explains your quality compared to mine. i just write and publish. they don’t sit and i don’t think about them. i need to take more time and craft instead of just throwing them from the nest without checking if they have feathers.

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        4. Ha! Great analogy. And suddenly I see where I thought you were ten times better it’s more like a hundred because I obsess and overthink and reread and read aloud and dissect and carefully word and it’s barely readable and then you just kick ‘em out and it’s life-changing, mind altering, heart wrenching art. Damn. I suck.


        5. you are great. i don’t read mine. sometimes in a comment you will quote it and i’ll think damn, i wish i would have written that. lol. though i will admit to getting the sing song parts stuck in my heads as i write them. i move on so quickly because i hate not getting it right the first time. i’m finger painting, you are making art. don’t argue, you cannot change my opinion. we don’t see in ourselves what others see in us.

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  1. I really like the way you wrote this. It’s interesting how our dreams can be so vivid and real and when we try to tell someone else about it, it never comes across as intensely as it was for us. I guess perhaps that is why they are “our” dreams.

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    1. As a Dreamer, I have intense vivid dreams quite often. Some have meaning, many do not. Still, I like dreaming. I usually keep them to myself but this one I shared a snippet of, maybe because it was slightly poetic?

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