Write Me Poetry

My soft pale flesh quivers
Thoughts of your wicked tongue
Lay waste to me
I’m spread out bare for you

Sighs and whimpers
Ohhh my skin longs, weeps
Love courses down my inner thigh
I’m burning for you

Come pen sonnets across my belly
Poetry along my throat
Prose upon my spine
Punctuation of moans
Gasping commas
Sucking kisses as parenthesis

Run your teeth, your nails
Over my curves, dips and valleys
Soft lips pressing gently
That spot beneath my ear

Wrapping myself around you
Pulling you deeper inside
Coat my walls with your handwriting
Leave your signature, a trail of bruises

Make me your canvas
Your blank page
Your book of poems
Write me into your story

©️tara caribou – 2018

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