Missing Piece

stupid fucking tears
once again my heart rends
once again I’ve taken perfection and
smeared my filth across it
once again I hope my dirt
isn’t too much to bear
once again I stretched out my heart
once again I believed that this time
oh yes, this fucking time right here
could be different
why would I think that, exactly?
because maybe I’m a stupid fucking bitch
who, for some reason I can’t fathom,
thinks she needs love and
that it could actually be reciprocated fully completely, without strings
hell, baby, throw the damn ropes
across my thighs and my arms
I willingly take them upon myself
tighten them down, see
I burn for you
you’re everything I could have ever wanted
except, yeah, too bad you
don’t feel the same, or do you?
you’re a ten out of ten, an absolute bullseye
carefully holding me at arms length
let me in baby
I’ll cover you and keep you forever
they don’t scare me, your scars
I’ve got my own
I don’t mind
don’t mind?! ha! I love you!
I loved you from the first word
your heart, I saw it was sliced, shredded
but I see deeper don’t I?
and oh sure you’d attempted to
put it back together yourself
wire it back whole
except you’re missing a piece
look at me
look at me, damn it
not at her, not at your feet, not in the mirror
look at me
see? it’s me
I am your missing piece
I am why your heart never
went back together quite right
let me in
let’s be messy filthy broken up fools together
fuck these stupid tears
hey, I’ll cry enough for the both of us
just please give me a chance
I’m here
waiting for you
just a sign, a nod
take my hand
let’s run through the waves together
slip beneath the surface
I’ll heal your heart like you heal mine
and together we’ll rise again
finally free

©️tara caribou – 2018

18 thoughts on “Missing Piece

      1. my sister is visiting right now. i will see how they feel after that! maybe they will be more broken in to accepting “outsiders.” (like we’re a clan or a tribe…a small one…ha!)

        Liked by 1 person

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