Loneliness overtakes my mind
Reaching its tendrils of longing
Deep inside my heart

You’re right there
So close
And yet impossibly far away

I look at you
And my soul feels complete

I read your words
And I am bound more closely to you

And yet
And yet
There you are
My hand reaches for yours

Sometimes I wonder if you even see me
Do I even exist as a real live person?
Other times I feel
Your heart beats in tune to mine

How is it I can know so little
And know so much?

Even so
Some time ago
My heart flew across the miles
Finding its way to you

My mind, my body
We lie here alone
Cursing the damn thing for leaving

Of all the fucking people to fall in love with
Why you?

Why not someone close
Who reciprocates this love
Someone to save me from myself

Oh that I could close my eyes
And forget your face
Your words

Instead these images are burned
Right there
Behind my lids

Forever ingrained
Etched into my memory
My soul
My mind

Longing has taken over
Loneliness has set in
Despair waits at the edges

Is this to be my forever?

©️tara caribou – 2017

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