Please, Kiss Me Again

your lips pressed to mine ignites molten flames, memories of futures unseen

your breath in my lungs sends shivers down my spine, ghosts haunting

somehow they cause my thighs to spread wide, a flower opening, petals glistening with sweet nectar, beckoning you, come pollinate, press yourself deep, deeper, reaching all my sweetest unreached parts

pluck the moon from the night sky, press it to my lips, I open easily for you, tongue darting out, wrapping around that soft bulb, flat tongue, then licking sucking, purring, mewling for more as you pull it back away

delicate fingers tracing along, up and over the curves of my flesh, a landscape of shifting desert sands and rolling wheat fields, soft and heady, and a lush rainforest always damp and alluring to your parched throat and thirsty lips

plunder my oasis, drink down my water of life, energy renewed, search all those creases and folds to find the best place in which to rest, close your eyes and inhale deeply that earthy natural scent, instantly making you high and relaxed, invigorated and peaceful altogether

stretch forth your hand and lift my ripe peaches, drawing them to your moist lips, sweet and juicy now you’ve bitten into my pink flesh, eat your fill slurping and lapping my honeyed milk, I will satisfy your every longing

yes, your lips pressed to mine incites passionate dreams into which I gently drop my heart, my desires, my crystal memory lockets, a place I see only when my eyes remain closed

please don’t ever let me wake up

©️tara caribou – 2018

21 thoughts on “Please, Kiss Me Again

  1. Well normally, the comment area is to express what one feels about the post at hand, which might mean paying the author a compliment. This, however, is not always easy to do, so I just suggested an alternative, which is one of your spoken pieces. If you will accept a compliment, then I will write one.

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