Inked Quill

lines of love flow freely

from her inked quill

there upon the whitewashed walls

surrounding his scarred heart

tattooing there

hope and visions

for her lover to perceive

©️tara caribou – 2017

21 thoughts on “Inked Quill

  1. This is beautiful. Very concise and tender in a way. I like how it’s not inked upon the heart itself, perhaps allowing it to heal from the scars already there. Offers a very supportive and caring side.
    Excellent, really like this!

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    1. Thank you Mark. I really appreciate that. I was feeling tender and nurturing I guess you could say when I wrote this. I’m so pleased you like it and wow that you shared it on your own page. I am so humbled right now.


      1. You’re most welcome, I really liked this one. And yes, those feeling really shone throw. All your work is very personal, and it’s all very tangible too; there are no barriers. So thank you, and I’ve tracked you down on Instagram now, so I get double the fun! 🙂

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