Sacred Secret

The you in my mind
Perhaps become something
Not akin to the you in the flesh

I pictured you there:
You never betrayed me
You never left me standing here
You never shredded my heart

For you always caressed my lips
Held my hand
Clung to me like a man drowning
Inhaled my soul
Lapped up my tears and
Loved me, scars and deficiencies and all

There in my mind
We loved from a deep well
Which never ran dry
A sacred secret, the trail
Leading to that hallowed ground
From which a living spring burst forth
We drank deeply, you and I

And now, here we lay still together
Complete, whole, uncracked

But wait
That was just my wishful thinking
Only a dream of my hopeful imagination

©️tara caribou – 2018

I was inspired reading Bill’s poem of the same name over at WCS Poetry. Give him a look, if you like love poetry. It’s beautiful.

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