Dark Spaces

Spiraling down
My mind takes over
Truth versus lies
I can’t keep going

Make things simple
End it all
That helps nothing
Hurts everyone

Darkness overtakes
This hurts so damn much
My chest is hollow
Tears soak my hands and pillow

Can’t I be enough?
Say you’ll come back
Never leave again
Terror grips my mind


Hollow eyes
Seeing without seeing
Dim and grey
Dull sensations

I want to feel again
Something sharp would do
Warm liquid flowing

That won’t save me
Instead I choose
Tears for blood
Warmth not the cut

Barely able
I hold my head above
The water’s edge


Do I release my grip
Let the depths consume me?

Perhaps hold on in hope
Let love shine on
These dark spaces
Rise above once more

I’m reaching out to you
Take my hand?

Don’t let me slip under again

©️tara caribou – 2017

9 thoughts on “Dark Spaces

  1. Dark Spaces, such an appropriate title for this subject matter. Using elements of water and the “sinking” motion go hand-in-hand with depression, I know it well. I think you did a terrific job showing the emotions and in being vulnerable through you work, I hope you found some measure of peace. Thank you for sharing. Brian

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    1. Thanks Brian. My common subject matters are unrequited love, depression, and earthy things. I live with OCD which in my case looks like obsessive thinking, so I commonly obsess over ideas like love or betrayal or perceptions.

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      1. I understand the thought process well. We have a lot of clinically diagnosed OCD in my family, and I’m probably borderline myself. Love, betrayal, loss, and depression, probably fueled a large percentage of my writes the past 20 years. There was a time when I only wrote dark poetry. I’m happy to have stumbled on your work! – Brian

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    1. This was my attempt to reach out for help. On a day I felt like I was drowning, slipping beneath the dark, cool waves and I was visualizing cutting myself… but then, I didn’t really want to. So I took to writing this, reaching out, hoping someone would reach out and grab my hand, too. For me, deep intense visualization and also writing can really help me lift up and beyond my current dark thoughts. In this way, yeah, you certainly are there with me and it somehow helps. Thanks, as always for reading. I truly appreciate it.

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