He took my hand in his and together
we walked by the sea.
As we travelled,
not a word was spoken between us,
it was just him and me,
my thoughts and his entwined
like our fingers,
fitting perfectly together.

The trail we shared wound up and away
over mountain tops and shadowed valleys,
yet still we continued on,
him and I,
crossing fields and glaciers.
Morning followed evening and
night became day,
still on we roamed,
each holding on to the other.

We measured distance in
memories and sighs.
Glancing first him to me then
I to him.
A smile, a turn of the lips,
the stroke on the back of my hand.
No words need voiced, for
we saw reflections
there within our eyes
the true meaning of
the earth we journeyed.

It was love that held us together.
It was love that lifted our eyes.
It was love that guided our footsteps.
It was love, it was love, it was love.

©️tara caribou – 2018

This was inspired by A.P. Christopher‘s poem of the same name. Check him out, if you haven’t already. He’s awesome.

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